2002 Honda S2000

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2002! BEST S2K ever! Rear glass window, better center console design and new Sebring SILVER color!


OK... Was planning on paying at least sticker price. Picked it up for 1500.00 under. What a deal! I feel sorry for you folks that live in warm climates that have to pay 10k over invoice. Then again... It's 30 degrees here today. I think I should move.
Picked up my car today. Damn this car is SWEEEEEET! OK.. gotta keep it under 5500rpm for 600 miles... that should be easy since I'm taking it to visit my parents in NJ for Christmas! 450 miles easily! Anyone looking for a S2k? This dealer will sell for under sticker. I test drove an exact S2k on the previous Sunday, they sold it to some guy in Texas who flew up and drove it home for Christmas!!!! CRAZY! Guess he couldn't find one in Texas.
OK... Reached NJ. Started the trip down with close to 400 miles, It's 220 miles to my parents! Engine has reached 600 miles. Wow. 9000 RPM!!!! WHEEEEEEEE.... wait.. am I riding my R1 or am I driving a S2k???
Finally got my license plates! Dealer had given me a dealer plate until they were able to get the paperwork together so that I could register it. What a nice dealer... Honda North, Danvers, MA. Talk to Adnan. Very nice guy! tell him his first S2000 customer refered him! He'll know who I am.
WOOHOO... Got my front lip and installed it. I should be getting the rear spoiler tomorrow! Happy New Years!
Alright! Got the rear spoiler... It was painful drilling 4 holes into the trunk but I did it... Looks good! Here are some pictures.

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