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After driving the car for a little over six months(and putting close to 15,000 miles on it) I am happy overall. However, I have had a few problems with it. I have had the left driver side mirror replaced because it vibrated at around 60mph(Still does). They have looked at the vibrating noise in the exhaust area 3 times(TSB KNOWN) and have had no luck(In April there will be a fix supposedly). After washing my car this weekend, I noticed the clearcoat on my two right wheels is corroding all along the edge of the wheels(Fine on the left side). The chrome plating on the driver side interior door handle is buckling from stress due to pulling of the handle. Hopefully these will be covered under warranty.

I've checked out the 96' models and they are nice! They added to the LX and above models: map lights, trunk pass through, replaced the annoying power antenna on the four door with a window antenna, a wider trunk opening, and variable intermittent wipers. Everything I wish I had on my car..


Brought my car in today to have them look at the inside door handle and wheels. They decided that the door handle was under warranty and the wheels would be covered by their "Good Will" Warranty. They said that the salt from the road caused the pitting at the edge of the wheels. They won't be covered if it happens again...I don't believe it was salt but they are actually replacing all four wheels, not just the two left ones. They ordered them and will be in stock in ten days...
Just got back from a business trip in California, found my Neuspeed stress bar sitting on the floor in my apartment. Installed it in about a half hour. I'll let you know if I notice any difference in handling. Initial test around the Apartment complex: not noticeable. Still have not heard from the dealer about my wheels and door handle.
I got the door handle and the wheels replaced free of charge. The wheels are nice and shiny(like new). While it was there I had the 15,000 mile tune-up done. They adjusted the valves and did all the safety checks(I hope). They told me there is 8mm left on the front brake pads and 6.5mm on the rear. Anyone know what the values are new? Anyway, the engine sounds alot quieter. I guess the car needed the valves adjusted.
Washed my car today. Noticed that the front right cornering lamp has moisture in it. I was planning to get the clear ones anyway. Guess I'll order them today... Also ordered the clear turn signal bumper lights. Notice the Big ugly orange ones in the picture above...I'll put a new picture up as soon as I can...
Added my clear lamps! Looks much better!
I spoke with my service manager(Rick) at Herb Chambers Honda of Burlington. Honda has released a fix for the vibration noise from the exhaust system. He will be ordering the kit. Also for all you 1995 Accord EX Owners, there is a recall on the air condition condensor. They have to replace the unit...
Got my wheels! My roomate and I installed them in front of my apartment! Took less than 20 minutes. They are huge! Looks much different! I'll get pictures as soon as I can! The ride is definitely stiffer. The gas mileage has also suffered....But it handles much better! I problably should have bought the Yokohamas AVS Int. The tires have a wheel protector edge built in. These wheels are flush with the tires...
It's fixed!!! No more vibration noise at 1800 rpm! It's about time! Brought it in today. The dealer installed the new fix. The sound is no more!
Just an update. Not much going on with the car. Still have not scanned in any new pictures. Car is running fine. AC is a little weak in this 90+ degree weather. Reached 25,500 miles a few days ago. My 3 year/36,000 mile warranty is going to expire soon.... I think I drive too much....
Took my car in for an oil change at the dealer today... I purchased the Oil Change program when I bought the car. This includes 12 oil changes. Car has over 27000 miles now. Still running like new. No rattles or squeaks. I purchased the indash cd-player today. I guess the oil change program worked... It brought me back into the dealer and I spent more money... I installed it in less than a half hour. Works well. I was tired of listening to the same six CD's in my trunk(too lazy to go back and change them on the highway...) Anyone know the pinouts on the CD player cable? I want to make a switch that will turn the power off the cd player and the cd changer so I can switch between the two....I also had the dealer detail the car. I figure what the heck. I live in a condo and it is a real pain to wash and wax your car especially when condo rules do not allow working on your car in the parking lot. It was funny. The sales people where staring at my wheels and the clear lamps. It's like they never seen clear lamps or 17 inch wheels on a Accord before... I guess they liked it... Still thinking about lowering it. Any comments or suggestions?
Had an accident today. My Accord wanted to know what would happen if it hit an American car. Well, today it hit a Buick Grand National. There is nothing like rear ending a stopped car. He stopped, so I tried to stop. For some reason there was not enough room for me to stop. I had floored the brake pedal but no luck. For some strange reason the ABS didn't kick in. The tires never locked up either. I don't think the brake pads grab very well. I'm going to have to switch to semi-metallic pads. The original pads still look like new. There is more than a 3/4 life left of pads. I hit the car going less than 5 mph. Consequence: Buick - No Damage / Accord - Bent Hood and bowed beam in front of radiator, scratched bumper cover. Cost to repair: $1070.48
Can't believe I have over 30,000 miles on my car already. I brought it in for the 30k maintenance.(Valve,spark plugs,fuel filter, trans. oil change, and other items...) Cost me $345.00. Dealer told me that my two right wheels are bent. Guess I have to be more careful. Time to put the other wheels back on... It will probably snow here soon. I'm thinking about buying snow tires on steel wheels. Any one want to buy my oem wheels? Less than a month on the road. Will sell to best offer.(Including OEM tires) Send me E-mail!
Wow. It's been quiet for a while... Well, say goodbye to my factory warranty. I now have over 36,600 miles on my car. I decided not to buy an extended plan. I received a card in the mail saying that I could extend the warranty until the year 2001 or 100,000 miles for $995.00. What a bargin! I bought a Honda for it's realiablity, no maintenance plan required... I got some responses for my factory wheels but no good ones... I decided to put them on for the winter because the 17" wheels would have been destroyed up here on the Northeast. Winter is almost half over! Can't wait to put them back on.. .. ..
Well, I put my 17" wheels on a few weeks ago. It finally warmed up. I've got about 42,000 miles on it now. I might need to purchase two new tires for the front before the end of the summer. The front ones are getting pretty worn... I hope they last. I bought a new Honda last week, and it's a CBR900RR... For those of you that don't know, it's a motorcycle. It's outrageous. Imagine this... An engine with almost the output of a Civic EX(Approx. 123hp) with the dry weight of 403lbs. WOW... Guess I won't be using my accord much this summer.... Don't think I'll be doing anything with my car for a while... bike cost me over $9,000. Almost the price of a Civic!
Changed my back brakes for the first time(42,500 Miles) That's really strange, the rear went before the front. It was pretty easy to change. It took less than 1/2 hour. Still have the original pads up front.
Damm it... I hate winter! Drove my friend home... Hit a canyon in the road. Good thing I had my factory wheels on. The 17" wheels would have been destroyed! Got a huge bubble on the side wall. Guess I need a new tire. Oh well... Getting close to spring anyway so I'll put the 17"'s back on... Hope I don't hit any potholes... BTW, got over 58k on the Honda. No mechanical problems, just need to change the timing belt in 2k miles though.
OK... I thought Eibach Sportline Springs are suppose to drop my car only 1.9 inches??? Looks like 2 1/2 to me... Well as you guessed, I finally slammed my car... I figured, I work from home 3 days a week and I'm planning to move to a warmer climate soon anyway, so what the hell... The car rides a little stiffer than stock springs. Car does not, Repeat.. Does not roll. :) It handles like my Plymouth Laser. I am driving a four door aren't I??? Anyway, It took my friend Chris and I about 3 hours to remove the old springs and install the new ones. It wasn't that difficult... Almost couldn't get the floor jack out from the front of the car because it was so low. I'm gonna have to get a camber kit for the car if I'm going to keep it for a while... the camber on the front and back is definitely off.
Ok... I'm a dope... Almost lost my front left wheel... I was driving home last night and as I was coming to a light I was letting my car coast to a stop... Hey, What the heck is that "thump thump thump"? It only did it while the car was coasting, never while I was accelerating. Well... I checked it out and it was four loose lug nuts...YIKES! A little too anxious for a test drive I guess... All fixed...
Hey... Check out my new pictures... Only a few though. It's been really crappy here in the North East... These were taken in NJ with my brother's Kodak DC120 digital camera. There are some blurred spots from the rain drops on the lens. Compare the difference in the ride height. It is definitely noticable.
Well, I put another set of springs on my car. The Eibach Sportlines are a little to low for this area... Too many potholes and expansion jointes... I got the Neuspeed sport springs and only lower the car approximately 1.6 inches... Much noticeable ride improvement but definitely does not handle like the Eibach. This is good enough for me, I'm not planning to race the car on a track anyway...
Holy!!! I need to build an ark. It was the "mutha of all rain" today. Flooding everywhere. I had to go return a part for my motorcycle today and I decided to drive in this rain... Had many detours even had to jump a median strip... needless to say, that was not a good idea. I hooked my splash shield on the right and side coming down of the mediain... not knowing this I got on the highway and was traveling 65mph on route 93. I hit a expansion joint that had a slight dip and hooked the splash shield . Ripped it right out. Ouch... Wonder how much that cost.
OK... I took a drive this morning at around 3:00am to find my splash shield. I drove past it 4 times before it was safe enough to stop on the left hand shoulder to get it. It wasn't damaged that bad. I think I will try reusing the shield. I just need to get all new plastic fasteners. Also had the alignement done today. Specs were way off after installing the springs... Only the Toe is adjustable on this car so they were brought back to spec. The camber is fixed on this car which is off by -.5 degrees at -1.5. The manufacture specified range is between -1.0 and 0 degrees. Hopefully the toe correction will save my tires a little bit. I noticed severe abnormal tire wear on the inside tread of the tires because I did not get an alignment for over 3000 miles after lowering the car... So if you do lower your car, definitely get an alignment. So, anybody out there want to buy my Eibach Sportline Springs??? Good price! I paid $180 + 5% tax... Make me an offer...
HEE HEE HEE... My Accord does the 1/4 mile in 16.989 at 81.4mph. My friends and I took my car down to NJ's Raceway Park at Englishtown. I had my friend Chris drive my car... not bad for a practically stock Accord engine... His 1998 Accord V6 does it in 16.5 at 84mph. Gee what's the other 2 cylinders for? A whole 4.989 tenths of a second... I'll put up the pictures when I get a chance.
8/14/98 Ok...  Who's the $%#er that broke into my car last night.  The #$%@ smashed my driverside windows and got glass every where.  He yanked on the trunk release and popped the trunk open and took my Subwoofer, RF700Shoei motorcycle helmet and my leather jacket...  What an ASSHOLE!  Anyway,  I got the window fixed for free cause it is covered by insurance.  They were even nice enough to vacum the glass out of the car.  What a nice way to start off a Friday morning.  I was walking towards my car to go to work and noticed the trunk open.   As I approached it,  I noticed my helmet gone.  Then I saw glass all over the place...  Well,  I thought the trunk release lock would disable the trunk, but I guess I thought wrong.  For those of you that have stuff in your trunk,   don't trust the interior trunk release lock...  I now have completely disabled the interior trunk release.  The only way into my trunk is either my remote trunk release that I added to my alarm or through the fold down rear seats.  I already disabled the key lock on the trunk door when I added the remote trunk release.
8/21/98 Not having any luck with my car.  Put another scratch on one of my 17" wheels.  What a PAIN!  I was taking a sharp left hand turn in a garage in downtown Boston and I guess I didn't turn sharply enough and slammed my front right wheel into the 10" cement curb... OUCH!  Fridays are no good!   Hmm... maybe it's time for some new wheels...
2/20/99 It's GONE! I traded the faithful Honda in for a Silver 1999 Lexus GS300. What a difference $20k can get you. :) I completely stripped the Honda of all it's aftermarket pieces. I still have the clear corner lights, strut tower bar, neuspeed sport springs, roof rack, cd changer. I liked the Honda. Love my new GS300!
4/14/99 Hey! For those that have AKT S8A's with the 4 and 5 bolt pattern, these wheels will fit Lexus 5 bolt pattern. They are also the correct offset. I won't have to buy a new set of wheels for my Lexus. But, before I put them on, I had them straightend and refinished by a place called RimPro. They did a pretty good job on them. They look brand new. The only thing is, these 17" wheels still look too small on the car. I might have to go 18". Good enough for now!
12/21/2001 Check out my new HONDA S2000!

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