1999 Lexus GS300

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OK... I've had this car for over 2 years now and it's about time I created a page for it. I leased this car back in February 1999. I chose this car mostly because of it's looks. One of the best looking cars on the road. The total length of the lease is 39 months but I might be buying the car out early. I haven't done anything to the car since it is a lease but since I plan on buying it, I will soon start adding things to the car. The car has been mechanically sound since I drove it off the lot. I've had a few things like driver door speaker cutting in and out many times and it required Lexus of Norwood 5 attempts before they finally fixed it. Other than that, the car has been reliable and everything I expected the car to be.

The 2001 GS300 changed wheels and tail lights and they all have the steering wheel shift buttons, other than that, the car has not changed much since 1998.


1. Walked into Lexus of Norwood. 2.Negotiated a price on the GS300 and trade in on the Honda. After about 6 hours, 3. I drove off the lot with a brand new Lexus GS300 with dealer plates. I signed a few papers and left the Honda at the Lexus dealer for good. :( But!!! I was driving a BRAND NEW LEXUS GS300! What a sweet ride! I know the GS400 is faster but hey! I've got to live within my means. The sales person (Spero) was very nice and did what he could to get me what I wanted for the Honda. That was awesome that he gave me dealer plate until the following work week where I could go to the DMV to get the new plates and insurance. Now that's service! All car deals should go so smooth. I originally visited the Lexus in Watertown but the GM was practically harrasing me into buying the car. He was even calling me at work asking for a creditcard number to get a down payment... What a PITA! He didn't understand that when I'm ready, I would buy but his pressure sales tactics only lost him the sale.

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