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6/29/98 OK... Decided to start a log like my Honda Accord... Well, put on my Russel brake lines. Took about 1 hour to do... Front brakes grab really well. No more spongy feeling in the front brakes.
8/16/98 Changed the oil in my bike today.  I put Mobil 1 Synthetic 15w-50.  Shifts are much more solid now.  I don't think the clutch likes the 10w-30.
8/17/98 Had some fun on the bike today.  Followed Route 2 out towards 128.  As I was approaching the exit for Route 128 and doing about 116,  a Honda Valkerie flew past me doing about the same.  :) 
He continued on while I took the exit.  Bike shifts much better with the 15w-50 oil, but it is running a little hotter in heavy traffic / city driving conditions. 
4/00 OK... Here's a good one. The bike was hit last year on July 2nd, 1998. It was parked in downtown Boston on a street corner near where I work Some delivery truck went around the corner, jumped the curb and basically crushed the bike :( It was very sad. This bike had never hit the ground until that day. Needless to say, I really didn't want the bike any more and I didn't have collision insurance... Luckily for me, somebody got the plate number and the trucking company name and phone number. But all I got was 1/2 of the book value since I didn't have a witness. It was fine since it covered the used parts that I purchased to repair most of the damage. All Items below was replaced with used except for the Front fairing and Headlight. Total cost of repair, about $2800.00. I got 3600.00 from insurance. Bike was finally put back on the road early this spring as my commuting vehicle to get to work. :)
  • Front Fairing, Fairing Mount, Left Mirror, and Headlight - Destroyed
  • Left Mid Fairing and turnsignal - Destroyed
  • Gas Tank - Destroyed
  • Rear subframe - Bent beyond recognition
  • Seats, All rear plastics, Carbon fiber D&D Exhaust - Destroyed
  • Gear shift and peg broken
  • Puncture in Swing arm from left foot peg.
  • Scratched left Engine cover
  • 8/28/2000 OK! I've done it... I've been debating the trade in of my semi beautiful 900rr. It's still not like it was before it was hit. The used tank that I purchased had a dent and the rear plastics was painted by the original owner and it's UGLY! I still have the scratched engine cover and I just don't really know if everything is ok. Well, the local dealer must have really wanted to sell me a bike cause they gave me 6100 for the 900rr and I paid 3800 for the 2000 Yamaha R1! No more Honda. :( NEW Yamaha :) I think I got the better end of that deal.


    Last Update 9/5/2000